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Quentin Jammer

Originally Posted by ant1999e View Post
I don't get it. Did he do 20 years? If not, what did he expect? It's bad ass that he killed Osama but that's the military.
Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
He didn't and refused to do a stint in the reserves to make that up. He did it to himself.
The guy was burnt out. What, would you prefer having a burnt out SEAL continue to go on the most dangerous missions so he could get his retirement benefits?

I don't know, I am so in awe of SF that when hearing about 1 or more of them getting screwed by the government it just makes my blood boil. And this travesty needs to be dealt with. And if the government won't do anything about it, a few private charities need to get going to help these heroes out.

Like me, I'm a vet, did 4 years and out, didn't see any combat, I'd have gone if sent but I'm glad I didn't see any. If someone were to ever come up to me and say I'm a hero, I'd tell em to **** off. Cuz I'm not anywhere close to this guy. I might make it 3 or 4 days of SF training before quitting or washing out. This guy and his team members are better people than me. And better people than 99% of the world. This guy and his team members have done more for this country than 99% of the rest of us combined. And to think that he got the same kind of benefits that I got when I got out? Its total bull****. What in the hell can he put on a resume?
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