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Malik Jackson

The whole LB fascination with getting one early has to stop. Ther are real good LB's out there who are NOT going to be day one or early day two picks. I would love to try and get Danell Ellerbe from BAL and let him roam the Mike from FA. I loved him coming out and he is going to be the forgotten FA in BAL I think, Bmore could add to that as I know he has seen him play there.

Also, the prototypical size hoopla has got to go. For every guy who actually fits those characteristics, there are 4 guys who don't who get the job done on Sundays. Size is the Least correlating variable in determining NFL success, despite the media's obsession with it, because its NOT subjective.

And, you can get all pro caliber LB's from the middle rounds of the draft. Heck some recent pro bowlers have been UDFA's. LB is fading in todya's College game with spread offenses. It also means there value is diminishing in today's NFL draft. CB and Safety are higher than ever, but LB, unless you are a 3-4 Rush LB is not what it once was. Especially with the amount of 3-4 defenses now outnumbering 4-3.
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