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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Watson has a tremendous talent, almost like Ezekiel Ansah. The problem is OL have to be consistent every down players and most teams believe he does not have the exeperience to start Right away in the NFL. I am not so sure he could not start at RT right away in some places with huge RT problems.

What I would do is call him a Horrible value pick before the late second round. He is so much like Bruce Campbell of Maryland coming out to me. Immensely talented, but not technically sound enough to play and impact right away. Campbell lasted to the fourth round and with such a solid OL group I think late third to early fourth is where he will really get picked. Heck the raiders traded Campbell to the Panthers last year after a slow start for him.
Good thoughts and pretty much lined up with how I feel. I was absolutely shocked when they reported what the advisory committee gave him as a round grade. I know it is just an estimate, but I was flabbergasted. I remember at least a half dozen plays from the game against Miami this year where he got absolutely ragdolled on the edge and missed blocks downfield because his field awareness is not all there.

As you said, the experience + mental factor (still so much to learn) downgrades him big time for me. I think there will be a team that gambles on him (Raiders again? ), but I agree with your value placement on him as a player. Nobody is going to question his athletic ability, but I expect him to have a hard time when teams interview him and bring up the X's and O's on the whiteboard because of his inexperience. I've been wrong before, but ya never know. I just don't think he makes an impact right away, which is why I was surprised with pricejj having him as a first round target.

He's a Nole, so I gotta wish him the best. I know the coaching staff was pretty miffed that he declared and ultimately surprised. That is one position where we couldn't afford to lose talent at this coming season. We need more OL @ FSU. It's too bad the one four star guy we recruited has concussion problems and cannot even play, nice of Fisher and staff to honor the scholarship for him so he can still get an education.

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