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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Dude, you have some unusual takes some times, but this one is pretty flimsy. The Kid got kicked off LSU for multiple violations of the drug policy as a Heisman candidate. Then, he quit rehab, failed with a Solid known mentor and sponsor in John Lucas, and still got arrested in HIS own room with a large quantity of Marijauna.

Seriously, have you ever worked with addicts? I have and your take on this is just like everyone else who has never been addicted and thinks its just that easy. This kid has ALREADY had every kind of quality help and support to stop smoking and failed. No way he just quits now. It simply does not happen that way.

Plus, he is going to be suspended to start his career under the new CBA for at least 4 games coming into the season and have 2 strikes in the new Drug program entering the NFL. That means next strike is a year off and proof of being clean to get reinstated. This is why he is going to be a second day draft pick for some stupid franchise. He will burn his drafting team, they will pay penalties now if he fails another drug test in the NFL, and he will eventually play 4 years down the road IF and thats a huge IF he ever gets it.

To me that's the best case scenario as it stands right now. IMHO, he will fail the drug test at the combine as well. He is THAT stupid with the drugs to date. I will actually be surprised if he passes that one.
Dude, it's weed. He went to rehab to help his image.
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