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I liked Lavonte David a lot better at #58 last picking Brown at #58 this year would make me cringe. Arthur Brown is okay, but there are deficiencies in his game, especially in creating no gain/TFL's in run support. He isn't as technically sound as you would expect.

I wouldn't hate if the Broncos picked him at #58, , and he probably could put an additional 5-10 pounds on his smallish frame without losing much speed, though his lower body is pretty small. In reality, the Broncos could do much worse than picking Arthur Brown at #58. I find myself dreaming of the player he could be, rather than being satisfied with the player he actually is.
Can you please stop comparing his every game to that of Lavonte David. I used to rave about Lavonte David on the Colts forum as a player they needed to really impact the LB core. But he wouldn't be playing MLB there, or here! They don't have the same game to a T, they are both physical and make plays all over the field sideline to sideline, but they aren't an exact replica. David was and is a WLB. Brown has much more flexibility. This is my only issue with you, you take a stand about a player, say he's only a fit for x team in x position, when x position isn't exactly where he belongs. You either read a report that says he should play OLB, or see him listed there on Walter Foot Ball, because there's no way you watched him and were so narrow minded.
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