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Ryan Clady

These guys are some of the most motivated and disciplined individuals in the world, to the point of being almost machine like. They are forced into leadership positions that give them more powerful experience than mid-level executives in the worlds biggest companies, with more on the line, in quite literally the most stressful environment that anyone could be placed in.

If they spent 15+ years in the SEALs and actually had a good enough performance record to be the one chosen to take out Osama, then they represent a fraction of a percent of the individuals in this world in terms of performance and aptitude under stress.

It really sucks they can't put that on a resume. There's plenty of stories involving SEALs and other special forces guys going to Harvard Business School and coming out as successful executives. Harvard would love to have them, but you have to first take the tests, the interviews, and arrange for the loans/money to pay for such education. And if you have a family, school may not be an option at all.

I read the whole article, its pretty gut wrenching, takes all the glory out of being a hero when you realize they get the short end of the stick.
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