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Originally Posted by BroncosfanGuy View Post
no offense, but what is any of this based on? Brooking is like 87 years old in terms of NFL mlb. He was a stopgap after it was apparent Mays wasn't the answer at mike. outside of an onside kick against Miami, what has Irving done to instill this confidence?
Brooking played as well as any newcomer could have played at MIKE for the Broncos in 2013. The Defense dramatically improved after he entered the line-up. Yes, he will be 38 next season...and I expect that to be his last go-round. Brooking is a strong veteran presence, who I expect will be fighting for the starting MIKE job in training camp.

Nate Irving was one of the best MIKE's in college football at NC State. My only worries about him coming out of college were 1) the metal rod in his leg 2) his mouse-like demeanor. So far the metal rod hasn't been a problem, and Irving really started to show flashes this year with his play on the field. He'll get his chance to compete for the starting MIKE in camp as well. He's big, athletic, he has experience in JDR's system, and he fits JDR's mold at MLB..

I have confidence in both Brooking and Irving, but wouldn't be averse to the Broncos drafting a 1st or 2nd round LB.
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