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Bmore Manning

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Some have Brown listed as the top ILB available in the draft. Ray Lewis was thought as undersized for the position coming out of College. I followed his entire career, I remember clear as day what many said about him. Brown is the same type of player, I'm not literally comparing him to Lewis, what I'm saying is he finds himself in the same situation, fast, physical, makes plays all over the field, great sideline to sideline, good at everything but doesn't excell at anything. This was what pundits said about Ray Lewis.

This kid is a flat out stud. In our scheme, having two big two gapping DTs, Brown would excel. He would be a steal if he lasts until the our pick in the second. He could play OLB, that doesn't mean it's the only place he can play. Again he is scheme versatile to any LB spot on a 4-3, and ILB in a 3-4. He will gain weight in the pros, again he plays very much like a 250 pound LB.

Trevethan played OLB in college..Woodyard at SS, and LB. they don't play the same as Brown.
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