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Watson has played in 20 football games in his life. Twelve out of fourteen this year with the Seminoles. He's an absolute freak, but extremely raw and will be a 25 year old rookie. He is going to get over drafted because of he will likely go off at Indianapolis and has all-world athleticism. For someone so new to football, he was quite impressive this year at Florida State. He has only played RT and I expect that to continue into the NFL. He has good mobility and would be an ideal fit for a heavy ZBS.

He received a second round grade from the advisory committee, but I think Watson is a tough sell for a team in the first round. You really have to believe he is going to be a difference maker. I don't see it. He was good for his limited experience, but he missed some key blocks this year and had trouble on picking up assignments in the next level. Mentally I just don't think he is all there yet. Too big of a gamble in regards to ROI. You could consider him at the end of second if there aren't better options under the premise that Franklin is moved inside -- but I just don't see that happening unless Kuper doesn't get better.

Watson simply isn't a realistic option for us @ 28. I don't see how it helps the team out immediately -- which is what a first pick should do.

Just my two cents as a Noles fan.

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