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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
You need to watch PBS. Downton Abby is the **** BOOOYYYEEEE! Plus they have the American Experience (which is about Rockefeller this week), Front Line, Nova, Inside Lens, Masterpiece among other stuff like Austin City Limits.

I do enjoy a good HBO series but not enough to pay for HBO, I just wait for the DVD's.
Rep that, PBS is monster good. And speaking of DVDs of shows, Catharine and I love waiting, then ordering 2 or 3 Netflix DVDs at once. Dexter or Nurse Jackie for example, we watch 6-9 episodes each weekend, definitely the way to go. You appreciate the shows more, I now notice that Edie Falco is the best actress on the planet.

Seems unfair to wait a week for 44 minutes of series TV.
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