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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Price, Arthur Brown and Green could play OLB no argument there. However you are so full of it in your analysis of Brown it makes me sick. He is very aggressive at the point of attack, takes on and sheds blockers incredibly well for his "lack" of size. And he is without question a thumper, who can play sideline to sideline. You did not watch him at all, and again your analysis shows.

Green is a better fit at WLB I think his transition to MLB would take time, but he is also dangerously explosive..

Woodyard could not play MLB, he benefits from flowing to the ball, he could not engage blockers. Brown reminds me of a young Ray Lewis when he first came in the league. Thought of as undersized, plays bigger than his build, flys around the field and makes plays. But that doesn't mean he will become anything like Ray. Never know how people will progress if at all. But Brown has MLB written all over him if he gets drafted by the team with that need.
At Miami, Ray Lewis amassed 150+ tackles in his So. and Jr. years. He is (and has always been) a prototype MIKE, with a playing weight in the 240-260 lbs. range. Ray Lewis was athletic, very fast, and hit like a ton of bricks.

I have viewed quite a bit of Arthur Brown's video, and your comparison's of him to Ray Lewis at Miami are not accurate. Arthur Brown is a 2nd or 3rd round OLB prospect, who was a pretty good, somewhat undersized, college player averaging 100 tackles per year as a Jr. and Sr. on a 45th ranked college Defense.

Both WW and Trevathan have very similar skillsets to Arthur Brown, both played MIKE in college, and both amassed ~140 tackles their last year in college. Brown might be slightly more athletic, but that doesn't necessarily mean he is a better football player. Not seeing what the Broncos would gain by adding him to the team, especially considering JDR/Fox's past history, and the Broncos glut at WOLB.

I definitely don't view Arthur Brown as an impact player that would put the Broncos over the top, towards a SB win. Whereas other players that the Broncos could pick in the 2nd round (Robert Alford, Logan Ryan, Larry Warford) could make more of an impact.

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