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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
If they could get the right partner and with the BPA and needs as they fall right now, I would be ALL for that.

The only way I do not do that is if an Elite OL or CB drops to 28. I would be Shocked if an ELITE DT drops to 28 right now. I seriously think several of the high DT's you see in Mocks right now are tremendously over valued at this point and there are only 4 Elite DT's I would go first rounder on. DT's have to be Pass rushers to go in the early rounds or be Wilfork good as a disruptive guy at the POA.
This is pretty much the same thing I was saying months ago. The only 2 guys who are definitely worth a 1st round pick are:

1. Star Lotulelei - Definitely a 1st rounder, great strength, motor, athleticism
2. Sheldon Richardson - Similar prospect to Fletcher Cox in 2012

The 2nd-tier DT prospects from 2013, I have rated similarly (but slightly higher) to many of the 2nd round DT prospects from 2012. I can see these guys going anywhere from 20 to 55:

1. Sharrif Floyd - Blue-chip prospect without elite production
2. Jesse Williams - Athletic NT prospect with average production
3. Big Hank - 20 year-old with great size, and great tackle production as an NT
4. Kawann Short - Polished 24 year-old who is ready to contribute immediately anywhere on the DL.
5. John Jenkins - Enormous NT prospect, with average production, but quick feet

The question is, do the Broncos have the luxury to spend their 1st round draft pick in order to replace Bannan or Vickerson (who aren't terrible)? I think the Broncos definitely need to spend one of their first two draft picks on a CB. Let's say they target Robert Alford at #58...what do they do at #28?

Unfortunately, a 1st round DT with average production, is something they can't afford. Here's my list for #28:

1. Sam Montgomery
2. Manti Te'o
3. Menelik Watson
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