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Originally Posted by Boobs McGee View Post
If you're taking your car to a dealership to get serviced, then I also have some wonderful Volcano Insurance I'd like to talk with you about
You're absolutely right, service underwriting IS their bread and butter, and the majority of that profit comes from labor mark ups, AND part costs. Find yourself a reliable independent mechanic, and profit. The dealerships aren't going to change their labor pricing, but IMO you'll see substantial decreases in part pricing once you have a massive production increase.

As to your second point, about porsche buying out VW but saying "hell no" at the last ****ing bull****. They were doing EVERYTHING in their power to take over VW, including the increase of their shares up to 40% before the market collapsed in 2008. The ONLY reason they didn't go ahead with the market share takeover (which they are on record as saying was their ultimate goal), is because the banks wouldn't lend them any more money. Now they're owned by VW. But seriously, nice try.
the price on the parts to the independent service shops is still the same price. Your independent guy will still have to pay to get the part. His labor may be cheaper but not the price of the part.

As for Porsche, I'm checking on what you are talking about. I don't recall VW buying Porsche.
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