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Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
Quality usually goes up, because your quality inspectors don't need to be trained in multiply pieces and when end up doesn't work correctly it easier to to identify the root cause. And profits are only going to be high when the competitive advantage is there, once the competition jumps on board it becomes price point issue to win market share.
I guess we will just agree to disagree. The cost to produce will go down for sure which will increase profit margins. However, if you got one part going into 1 million different vehicles on multiple platforms and that part fails, well then you got a problem, a massive problem. Also, if a part or a few parts have questionable quality to begin with, and a bad design, then it's a massive and systemic failure and a multitude of platforms, affecting millions of consumers all over the world.

Modularity is not new to the car industry and yes, it can be an excellent way to do some things. However, you have to be very careful on how you use it. Modularity on computers is one thing, you aren't going to be driving a computer around and if it breaks down you can get another one for $500.00 or so. Cars, not so much. JMHO of course.
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