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Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
I have hated Spartacus since the start of season 3. Why the hell did they replace the actress that played Nivea?

And why in the hell did they have to replace the dead guy Spartacus with a guy with a ****ing English accent?

And this season there is just no development to the new roman characters at all. I had to go online and get a cast list just so I could find out who they were and follow the damn story. I'll be happy when it's over. Just crappy storytelling sandwiched in between gore and violence, sex scenes, and now gay sex scenes.

I still love it. Can't wait for each new episode (Though this is the final series). And I've read in a few diff places now that they are considering a spinoff series featuring the new Julius Caesar character they introduced.

Hope that's true.

As for Navea, she wanted more money. Not rare, but yeah, I liked her a LOT more than this new actress.
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