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Matty P

Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post

Good Lord, I'm so ahead of the curve! check out this crap, it backs up my rant on German cars being homogenous, plastic, cookie cutter machines:

PS--I wouldn't by a new VW. Quality is questionable and as other's have mentioned, the parts on German cars (which VW claims to be lol) are over the top.
Well, technically, their MQB platform will (potentially) drive down the cost of parts in the near future. Quality on the new VW's are pretty solid, imo...I've sold/leased 15 jettas/passats/tiguans in the last 8 months, and even their BASE models have a well built feel. Obviously, the reliability remains to be seen, but they have some of the most inexpensive lease options on the market, and are producing some solid vehicles. The only companiues I'm MORE impressed with right now (in terms of innovation, quality, and pricing), are Ford and Subaru.
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