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Default ron paul:against the U.N.,unless of course you need there help
Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), who once filed legislation to end the United States' participation in the United Nations, is now turning to the international organization for help in obtaining two domain names, the Texas Tribune reported Monday.

The former presidential candidate and congressman filed a complaint Friday with the World Intellectual Property Organization, a United Nations agency, against the owners of and so he could gain control of the domains, according to a blog post published on the site.

His supporters are not pleased with Paul's actions.

Shocked and angered supporters cited Paul’s move as a betrayal of the libertarian principles he has espoused. The website owners reportedly offered to sell the domain name,, and the 170,000-person mailing list for $250,000 — kicking in for free — saying that was the free market solution to settle the dispute.

But rather than buy the domains, Paul decided to take his grievances to the organization he railed against during his many years in Congress
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