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Yes you are. I'm from Phoenix and I'm also spoiled with a ton of great courses but being from Carmel, you're spoiled with the best of the best (Pebble, Cypress, Monterey, Poppy, Spyglass, Spanish Bay). Are you frickin serious. All of these courses in 1 little area, I still find that amazing to this very day. Course for course, you won't find anyplace in the US, or world, with this number of awesome courses in such a small area. IMO, it's the number 1 golf meca in the world.
Ha ya but I also pay for it with the cost of living out here. I just watched an episode of house hunters and they wanted to relocate to Carmel for their school district. They thought a million would be enough for a nice house in dtown Carmel. They thought wrong.

MPCC is amazing. Good to have hook ups throughout these courses though. What's great are the surrounding courses are fun too and cheaper. Like Carmel valley ranch or tehama.
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