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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
My problem with The Walking Dead mostly is that I feel its poorly written. Its fine when its a shoot em up action show, but it fails miserably as a character piece and I think some of the choices they made, especially in season 2, were downright insulting to the viewer.

It was an enormous/lazy mistake to center the show around Carl (from a motivational standpoint), and, as a result, we spent entirely too much time with an uninteresting child actor. I think they did realize this mistake and Carl is mostly an afterthought in this season. I also think they OFTEN use character irrationality to push a plot forward: For example, in the second season, there was a small plot line where Glenn, Rick, and Herschel had to quickly get supplies in town and rush back, and I think they ran into those other guys in the bar. For whatever reason, the writers needed to get Lori out of the house and into a car accident, so she freaked out to go find them and tell them to...come back faster? They do these types of things alot. There's nothing subtle about The Walking Dead and as a character study of what people may be like during an apocolypse, i think its pretty lazy.

Oh, and outside of Daryl, most of the characters are pretty unlikable.
Interesting analysis, definitely. But I think lots of shows/movies succeed with unlikeable protagonists these days.

I'm way behind you guys on this show ... we watch it on Netflix/Roku, and the kid just got shot by Pruitt Taylor Vince (excellent actor, don't miss film 'The Jacket'). Even this early in series, I can't get over: a) why so much time was spent on Shane's interest and pursuit of Lori, it's a zombie-action series - Rick and Shane best friends would've been far smoother, b) for that matter, how tf did Rick find them? Never wouldda happened, so unrealistic! c) I'm supposed to believe Rick's sheriff uniform has made it this far? d) CDC plotline was ridiculous (in a bad way) and e) we all know zombies can't run that fast, duh.

All that said, I think AMC might surpass or maybe has surpassed all other cable networks for original programming.
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