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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
After some previous recs, the Audi S4 is definitely on the test drive list. I know the prices can vary, buy maybe finding an off-lease model would be a really good value.

I'm going to test drive a couple Mustangs today, and I'm going to the local Mitsubishi dealer to test drive the Evolution later this week. I think the Audi dealer is pretty close, so I'll hit the A4 then.
MAJOR depreciation hits on European luxury, so an off lease unit is going to be your best up front monetary value if you decide to go that route (there's a reason that more roughly 70% of the "new luxury" market is lease, not finance). Also, keep in mind that if you truly are the type of individual who drives it till the wheels fall off, the cost of ownership for that European engineering is going to be quite steep down the road. It's not that they break down more, but the cost of the parts/repairs is substantially more than American/Japanese/Korean. Audi's are incredible, but just be aware of what you're going to spending over the life of your ownership!
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