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Originally Posted by SportinOne View Post
What does that mean

I'm a delivery driver myself (chinese), and I make waiter's wage plus a one dollar delivery fee for all orders under $15. Often, on a big order that is close to the edge of our delivery radius, it probably figures out mathematically that I am paying to deliver the food if they don't tip. Most nights I make out pretty well but it's also highly stressful (many many deliveries and lots of car/foot traffic to maneuver... plus many drunks and people that have busted door bells/buzzers and don't answer their phones [multiple trips, awesome!]).

Long story short, many drivers don't make minimum wage and aside from the conditional delivery fees are not reimbursed for gas/car maintenance. Please tip your delivery drivers if you are satisfied with their service.
I'm a delivery driver as well, but in a much better situation than you apparently. I get $8.25 an hour (NOT standard, but $7.25 is) and .89 per delivery. It's rare that I make less than $17/hr without the .89 reimbursement that I don't include because I don't feel it's income.
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