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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I had a crappy car back in high school and ditched in in college when I decided to use public transportation because it got me everywhere I wanted to go for free. I ended up paying $40 a month after graduation to use the metro area transit system so I could get to work if I didn't feel like biking to my law office on the newer side of town about ~ 10 miles from my apartment.

From my apartment now I live about 7 blocks from my federal office where I work, so even in the winter time I just walk it. It makes for good exercise and I have Wanderlust really bad, so it helps me take my mind of things.

I've been saving up for a nice vehicle, but can't even imagine to spend money on a brand new vehicle. It just seems like it is a terrible investment. Pay $30,000 for it on the lot and the second you drive it off -- it depreciates a great deal.

I see a lot of good deals on used one's with relatively low miles, but I would like to get a truck or an SUV, especially if I move back to Colorado or stay in an area where there is snow. They tend to keep their value up in these parts. My cousin just got fleeced on buying a 2005 Mitsubishi SUV with over 100,000 miles and she paid $10,000 for it when Kelly Blue Book booked it out for several grand less. Plus, I like to hike, camp, fish, etc. and do a bunch of outdoor stuff, so I don't see why I'd get a car.

If I want to drive a fun car, I just hop in my dads Z06 and mash. He still sweats bullets when he is in the passenger seat and I'm manning it down, depsite me driving for almost 10 years.

People can do whatever they want with their money, but I've never understood why people go out and buy brand new cars. I think it is one of the worst investments you can possibly make. That Ford Raptor up there looks awesome as ****, but in the Dakota's you can get a nice middle-class home that is no more than 50 years old for the same price. It's a priority thing I guess. *shrug*

To each their own. I like being active, whether it's biking, skating or walking to work. I'm also a cheap ass and save every penny I can. I still put coins in a peanut butter jar like a five year old. After a while, it does add up.
It also depends what you do. I am a consultant and when I drive clients around in a Car that they are a little intimidated in it helps! The Audi and BMW are an investment in My business. I hate to say it, but first impressions go a long way to getting New Clients. Most of these guys are decision makers as well and hard to impress.

That is why it makes long term financial sense for me to have a car like this, and also know what these guys like to drive. It makes me money and provides a great talking point with guys The women clients also like it too, just don't tell the Wife
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