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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
That's why I couldn't follow that show; The characters do stuff that makes no sense. If the zombie apocalypse happens, first thing I do is go to the local national guard armory with my friends and family, pick up a few M113 armored personnel carriers with extra diesel cans and assorted spare parts. Mount .50 cals on each one, and load up on various other weapons and lots of ammo. Also grab a few deuce and a halfs to stock with food, water, diesel motor/generator units, entertainment stuff, agricultural supplies, livestock (chickens, pigs, etc.), a few German Shepards always come in handy too. Then, I lead a convoy to the Long Beach docks, drive my rolling stock up onto the Catalina Island ferry (maybe it takes a couple of trips?) and sail on over to Avalon Bay. Unload. Clear the island of any zombies that might be there, from one end to the other. Take up residence in the Wrigley Mansion up on Mount Ada and live happily ever after enjoying the view.

If the writers went that route there would be no show. It would be a wrap after one episode. If something like this were possible (I do find if funny that there is a debate on what to do if a zombie attack happened ), there would be people who figured out what to do and wouldn't have as many issues as the masses, who would not know what to do. For story lines, it is more interesting to follow the group of people who are going through the struggle and having to fight zombies than the group of people who are sitting pretty somewhere and not having any issues.

It's just TV, and it's a great show. Totally unrealistic (because of the zombies, not because of the people's reaction to the situation), but the story lines are really good.

Oh, and what's your plan when some other group that is also heavily armed shows up and they want to run the island? Good luck with that.
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