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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Yeah they definitely still do some things right, I just hate when they try to create a league wide baseline for players playing drastically different roles.

Often we're rushing:


Almost just as often, we're only rushing 3.

So who are you taking off the field?

Now, with that question in your mind, is it still worth the opportunity cost of someone on the OL or on the back seven?

The more I look at the DL, the more the value stacks in the late second to fourth round. The OL has 5 Elite Prospects IMHO right now, and a real impressive 2-4th round run of guys with potential. Its the DB's I can not get a solid perspective. I see a bunch of guys I am grading WAY higher than their current draft value across many internet sites. Until they run in INDY, I will not be able to really come to grips with their overall value.

Also, do you see an extremely high number of CB to safety conversions in this draft? I keep seeing a TON of guys who do not grade as NFL CB's except in a heavy Zone scheme, but can tackle and cover the deep ball. What are you seeing?
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