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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by g6matty View Post
im the biggest dj fan on this board but where does he play .... if he durastically takes a pay cut like he did last year he can stay but the cap space we can free up by cuttin him will be nice. lots of **** to do this off season. re sign clady being the priority thats gonna take up most of our cash. leaving us with 4 mil to sign draft picks and filling out the roster. ppl need to be cut and the top of my list of cut / re worked deals is : dj , mays , mike adams , caldwell , hanie , kuper (restructer)
Second biggest Gmat. Socal has been a DJ homer since freaking high school

I Miss Socal around here, especially in the draft area. We used to have draft battles.... Ah, the good old days
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