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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Come on man the Giants are 9 million dollars over the cap and need to make room for Victor Cruz. At this point they are hoping against all odds he can play for cheap

Really who would you rather keep Bannan or Mitch Unrein?
That's not a cut and dry question I can answer. I want to get better and younger.. Bannan presents good value like you said, but would I rather bring back Bannan as opposed to adding one in the draft and or free agency. The answer is no. Bannan or Unrein for a season I choose Bannan. But Unrein could be retained cheap, where the Bannan money could be allocated elsewhere.

I would rather have Mike Devito as our NT than Bannan or Unrein. Devito is a younger better version of Bannan. And he played incredibly cheap last year for the Jets. So it's not just cut and dry..

Nothing about Unrein blows me away, and Bannan could be upgraded..
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