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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
This is why I dislike PFF. You can't look at that stat in a vacuum.

Bannan has a very low % of pressure's because he was off the field in passing downs.

Not to say he's an interior pass rushing force, just that # is extremely flawed.
Big time. Plus, the way JDR uses his DT's on early downs in a read and react does not help with pressuring the QB I like PFF for talking points, but their absurb analysis and elitism is getting to be as bad as FO has gotten.

Shame though, there is a use for their work for the masses. However, none of them really measure anything but past performance. It's like using an Ibbotson chart to track the stock market. The disclaimer is this "only shows past performance and does not gaurantee future results"
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