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Originally Posted by errand View Post
And how many advertisers will he lose if they open the message board and see threads b****ing and whining about it?

I just don't understand people posting on a message board for free openly b****ing about small problems but never offering the guy who provides the message board any money to help solve them.
Do you honestly think that those advertisers go to sites like these to see if folks are happy. All they care about are the numbers of hits a place has, and hopefully the number of hits to their links get.

I do not understand folks that piss and. Moan about folks that raise concerns. About the place.

Ever think that because of all the double entries, extra sends we all seem to be seeing that if those errors are fixed (which seem to be server issues) how much faster the response time would be and how many extra threads would NOT be created.

So piss and moan all you want. If TJ does not want to hear all he has to do is speak up and tells us he does not give a damn. Until then I see it as our duty as members to speak up.
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