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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
I think you are lonestar after that post.
Seems kiddie forgets that when on the Mainia site is sent him PMs and reps trying to help him not to be hated on that site with his juvenile posts, as well as suggestions of syntax, spelling and grammar. At first he thought it silly, but after my comments at the time that if he wanted to be taken seriously he needed to act like an adult.

Really thought we were making progress, then he betrayed a confidence I had shared with him.

I see that He seems to have reverted back to his childish posts like most were back in the early days.

Once a punk always a punk.

And before anyone goes to irony street.

I came to the conclusion during my time on the bronco sites (especially this one) that most are kiddies and to quote an oldie but goodie "Frankly Charlotte I do not give a damn".

I now find that the grammar police and spelling cops on here are morons that want to feel superior. .
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