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Bradley Roby

Hey Cito,
Audi reliability is fine. Particularly over the last decade . Consumer Reports is a very unreliable reporter in many of their surveys for a good while. It Wasnt always that way.

Audi used to have some issues until absorbed into VW group as the main flagship engineering arm of the conglomerate .. They then put big bucks into LeMans 24 hr endurance racing and the major effort there which had resulted in 11 wins over the last 13 years .. Amazing dominance in a race that demands reliability.

Most all of that engineering experience has trickled down directly into their passenger car line and majorly increased Audis performance, engineering , overall design and reliability.

Go talk to almost any top Indepedent German car mechanic outfit in most major cities and ask them who makes a better car these days BMW, Merc or Audi... I know of five highly respected such high end Euro car outfits Three of which are former head mechanics at BMW San Francisco, the largest BMW dealer in Houston and the third was head honcho at North Scottsdale BMW ... The other two I spoke with worked at Mercedes and Jaguar respectively for years but were not running those service depts,.

All five own their own independent shops now and each one of them said hands down they prefer working on Audis over BMWs and MBs.. Especially over more recent vintage BMW models which the former head of BMW Houston said has taken a real nose dive iin quality in the drivetrain and interior fit and finish in recent years... It's why he quit after 15 years rnning the whole service department there and opened his own shop.

The story from each of these men was essentially the same.. And all five strongly recommended Audi over the other two German makers for better bang and reliability for the buck all around...

I've previously owned three Audis the first the original Audi Quattro Coupe in 1980...and now have two, a '12 A4 for the wife and '12 S4 for me we got at the same time with a modest Twofer discount ... Have had three BMWs 1986 325e, '97 328i and 2002 330 soft-top and one Acura Legend in 1992 ranging ftom the mid 80s up to 2004 and I wouldn't think about buying another Beamer as long as Audi keeps making cars like they have been the last decade...

This steady increase in design, performance and reliability over the last decade is the main reason Audi has moved ahead of MB sales and has almost caught BMW as well in this market.

Lexus cars are way too mushy and Japanesey for my liking . They are okay reliability wise as are most Japanese cars, but for my taste their definition of what looks and feels luxurious has just too much shinny bling with too many bells and whistles... The Japanese haven't quite got the understated yet refined luxury look and feel down to date, though they are making some progress in that area.. They are nice and comfy for sure and plush, but still not in the German league overall in my book.

To each his own Cito, but go spend a little time in the new gen Audi's before you make your decision ... I think you'll be surprised.

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