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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
AMC resumes the Walking dead tonight. Curious if any of you watch this show. Once it showed up on Netflix we got hooked.
Most favorite show ever. Will purchase the new episode on Amazon tomorrow for $1.99

[QUOTE=Kaylore;3795423]What is your survival plan in a zombie apocalypse?

Probably something like the 28 days later scenario. Sprinting through the streets at a frantic pace getting pieced out, growing a major beard. Unlike the always perfect looking characters of Walking Dead.

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Denver is a pretty good spot to defend one. There's plenty of military, it has cold and warm seasons which would destroy the undead fairly effectively, and there are mountain towns to flee too.

All Mormons are encouraged to keep a two year supply of food and water and we have 72 hour emergency evac kits we maintain.

The average human body exposed to the elements rots away in a matter of weeks. They would degenerate even faster if they were moving around because it would cause the dead tissue to tear and break away. You could probably hide for a week or so then most of the undead would be, at worst, missing limbs and eyes, and at best, pieces of flesh.
Without a grid, Colorado would be somewhat difficult to survive in, unless you were super-skilled in winter mountain survival (like a Ute Indian). I would hunt in the mountains in the summer for about a month, but spend most of my time in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, or the Arkansas River Valley.
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