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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
If it happens, you can bet bottom dollar the network talking heads will ignore that Obama backtracked and opened up deepwater drilling to the highest bidder.
they will but whats important to me is that he does the right thing and unclamps the oil industry. He'g going to gut some of their tax write offs so this could be a carrot and stick approach but we will see when they budget comes out.

I just want at this point for Obama to make some decisions I agree with. The election is over and no reason really fighting it out on who gets credit for something, or blame etc.

I hear he's going to approve Keystone, these are repub issues we wanted so we should be happy Obama is doing it.

I do agree though if Romney had won, and then opened up the gulf to drilling, the left would be going insane right now.

Instead they will mention it, say they are unhappy about it, but move one. It's ok though i hated medicare plan b but didn't really dwell on it much. The main thing is though more oil is good for our economy. Maybe Obama can buy some energy credits like Gore did and make it ok for the greenies.
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