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Originally Posted by tesnyde View Post
Guy is a nutjob. My opinion, of course. He tried to steal a boat, but somehow the former Navy Lieutenant couln't start it. Then he drove to Big Bear, killing a SB cop along the way (even though his announced beef was with the LAPD). He broke an axle on the mountain. Yeah. A real mastermind. Smart? My granddaughter could start a boat. Dedicated? To what? Indiscriminate homicide? Capable? Refer to his above misques. Probably trained, but as a naval officer, I doubt he could compete with a grunt. Nonetheless, all he needed was rudimentary handgun/rifle tactics to ambush his victims. Motivated? He's nuts, so we really have to wonder what is next. Dangerous? Absofreackinglutly! Especially to those hapless souls that just happen into his path.

Look at this fella. His head is bigger than Barry Bonds' noggin.

Unhinged. THAT is what makes him dangerous. See, here's the deal. Real badasses don't announce what they are going to do. They just do it. This jerkoff, if he has media access, is probably stroking it over all the - what he considers - acclaim. Which tends to make me believe his major malfunction is tied to narcissim. He's in love with himself (replay the steroid comment), and just cannot fathom that we all do not, or that he could be terminated.

He ain't Rambo, the Terminator, John McClane (Die Hard), John Reese, or anyone else that could stalk and kill. He's simply a nut with a hardon

He will have to be killed. Narcissists do not commit suicide.

There. I feel better now.
Like I said, too much TV.
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