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Originally Posted by Smilin Assassin View Post
Got in on the ground floor.

I mean, I love zombie-movies. So a TV series based on that? I was sold.

Also, as to the "I am Legend" reference, that's the one thing this show needs. One zombie/walker that somehow has the brain power to adapt and lead others infected.

THAT...would be sweet.

(I know this show is based off a comic book series, so if anyone has any spoilers....keep 'em to yourself! )
No problem. Like you i was on board first episode but I notice a lot of new viewers each season. Friends that now say they are hooked etc etc. Shows how the show is really growing in popularity. Who knows where it will go they don't follow the comics completely.

I don't think they will give zombies any intelligence though. Its more a show about people surviving and what you will do to survive. The zombies sort of just the background.
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