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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Deflecting, labeling, namecalling.

Yes, cut it out so I can stop responding to it.

More labels covering for an inability to discuss the issue in context.

What issue? Gun control, 2nd amendment? I keep trying, but you deflect with an alcohol rant. Former 12 stepper?

I'm waiting for ONE example of where you're morally consistent and are willing to put your money where your mouth is on the booze issue. .

If you want to discuss 'booze', go find someone who gives a rat's arse. The thread title says 'GUN CONTROL' and so far, you've discussed alcohol, my ethnic origins and little else.

Deflection and topic change.

What's your problem? ADD? I was responding to your comment:
if you hate gun ownership so much, you're living in the wrong country.
Talking to you is as like talking to Gaffney, which is like herding cats.
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