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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
After some previous recs, the Audi S4 is definitely on the test drive list. I know the prices can vary, buy maybe finding an off-lease model would be a really good value.

I'm going to test drive a couple Mustangs today, and I'm going to the local Mitsubishi dealer to test drive the Evolution later this week. I think the Audi dealer is pretty close, so I'll hit the A4 then.
Dunno about Audi's reliability, when I was researching a few years ago Consumer Report's stats didn't look so good.

Lexus and Acura are the reliability kings, and both make models that performance-wise are comparable or better than Audi.

If you're looking used or coming off a lease, I'd sure be test driving a Lexus IS or GS. Just the resale value on those is a BFD. They hold their value better than other cars. You can have fun with them for a few years, and get better resale value than an Audi.
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