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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
Good grief.

I suggested you'd repeal the 1st to protect the 2nd, not that your stupid comment was a violation of the 1st. Try and keep up.
I did no such thing, therefore at the best your odd remark was a strawman/non sequitur.

As for your absurd false equivalency of comparing guns to alcohol, feel free to keep talking to yourself, it's absurdity at its finest.
Labeling it absurd and false doesn't make it absurd and false. Explain why it's absurd and false. Then you can explain what you are willing to do to remedy the far greater problem of drunken driving. I expect at the bare minimum the same kinds of legislation you screechingly demand for guns. Thus far, you've only tried to laugh it off and change the subject.

You like to drink, don't you?

You are incapable of having any rational discussion about guns. You were probably more interesting as a Marxist.
Except that asserting I'm not capable of having a rational discussion about guns doesn't cover for nor negate the need for you to address your glaring inconsistencies on the drunken driving vs guns issue. You either want to save lives or you don't. If you do, then go more vigorously after those things which are far more a social menace than extremely rare psychos with guns randomly shooting at people are. If you won't...

You're in the adult world now, and giggling isn't going to negate a need for an adult response.

I've already presented "assault weapons" info from a liberal source. Not liking this and wanting a bigger body count to try to hang onto, you are as your political allies are, attempting to widen the net beyond the initial hysteria over "mass shooters" to include all gun violence regardless because the "mass shooting" angle isn't producing enough bodies and enough coins to fill the political cash registers.

Yet again I must state: Put your money where your mouth is and call for the type of legislation you demand for guns to be applied to alcohol sales, at the absolute bare minimum. I don't think that's too much to ask, yet with you and those like you, asking it is like pulling teeth for some odd reason.

Easy math: 30/yr or 10,000+/yr. Which is it?

Personally, I think listening to experienced law enforcement officers is much more beneficial than pasting mined quotes from a liberal gunsnatching organization. Refer to the County Sheriffs of Colorado Position Paper on Possible Gun Control Legislation.

Thankfully plenty of Colorado peace officers don't have their brains up their backsides.

Your Titanic is sinking and all you've done is grab for a bucket.

Is this gun-phobia a Limey thing or what? I'd suggest if you hate gun ownership so much, you're living in the wrong country.
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