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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Question the premise of RKBA dogmatists that guns in the hands of the old or weak and they won't suffer the shame of being a victim of criminals, and the RKBA dogmatists get all agitated.

Thanks for proving my point, fellas.
No one has ever said having a gun makes you safe 100% of the time. All it does is give you one more tool to use in your defense.

But the best defense will always be being younger and stronger then another person. For a 70 yr old not much chance of that. The gun is their best chance but it is illogical to think this means anything but a pro gun attitude.

It only proves people will rape a 70 yr old lady and the only chance they have could be the gun. Or mace, or a taser, or whatever the American citizen decides will work best for them.

This is a pro gun story, even if its a sad story.
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