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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Manning was released by the Colts so his signing does not factor into compensatory pick awarding. Don't talk about **** you have no clue about.
Beat me to the punch. He's really a genuinely negative poster. He doesn't like free agency, Ryan Clady, college football, mock drafts, anyone who thinks outside the box, or posts to have fun.

Everything with him is business model driven, with analytical matrices. Because unlike anyone else in the country, he's the only person to successfully run a business, where he had a payroll and a real life salary cap.

Is there anything that he enjoys, other than interjecting like a know it all?
You'd kind of wonder if he would be ok with winning the Super Bowl. From what I have gathered, he's got a chip on his shoulder that the old regime is not coaching in Denver anymore, maybe it's his vendetta to verify it was a huge mistake..

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