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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
How's it paranoid? I've already pointed out the ridiculousness of such massive overreactions. As I said, we have over 10k dead each year in the US in drunken driving crashes, yet nobody calls for these measures to be taken with alcohol.

Several things on your list violate the 2nd: "Closing the 'terror gap' gun sales to SUSPECTED terrorists." I shouldn't have to explain that one. Further, "safety features" you want - such as forced trigger lock usage - have already been ruled a violation of the 2nd by the US Supreme Court. Why did it go that far? Because local liberal-controlled municipalities (in this case DC) have attempted to subvert the Constitution.

But oh wait - you're a Brit. You really don't know what you're doing.

Let's apply your rationale to alcohol, which should already be applied since after all you and yours are so terribly worried about deaths and ****.

Background Checks to All Booze Purchases
Close the Drunkard Gap: Prohibit Booze Sales to Suspected Drunkards
Stop the Sale of Large Capacity Alcohol Containers (aka Kegs and 24 packs)
Require Booze Owners to Report Lost or Stolen Booze
Restrict Large-Volume Booze Sales
Require Licensed Dealers to Adopt Safeguards to Prevent Booze Thefts
Require Licensed Dealers to Perform Background Checks on Liquor Store Employees
Prohibit The Transfer of Booze Inventory Without Background Checks After a Dealer's License Has Been Revoked
Support new technologies to help law enforcement more effectively trace drunk driving booze and supporting development of safety features to childproof booze

What... Crickets?

Let's look at the numbers, courtesy of the Mother Jones Mass Shooting Study.

Point 1 based on MOJO's own admission: Only 25% of mass shootings have involved so-called "assault weapons." If you break down that figure, it amounts to exactly 7.5 people/year injured or killed by such a weapon. Contrast that to 10,228 people killed in drunken driving crashes in 2010 alone, including 211 children.

Yet people are still boozing up without a flinch.

Point 2 based on MOJO's own admission: 981 deaths and injuries have taken place since 1982 in "mass shootings." That averages out to under 30/year.

You and yours want to harass legal owners and trash the Constitution to save 30 lives a year while boozing your brains out and swerving over the median. If you take the 10,228 dead in 2010 as an average drunken driving figure, that amounts to 204,560 killed in drunken driving crashes over the same 30 year period of MOJO's mass shooting study.

So if you aren't going to push these weirdo restrictions on booze ownership, shut your pie hole about guns, little man.

Have a nice day.

You'd repeal First amended rights to salve your delusional feelings about attempts to introduce sanity into the gun debate.

Talk about paranoid.

Run along little girly.
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