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Awesome show. My Favorite appointment viewing since 2nd seasons of Entourage and Nip/tuck. Happy WD got past season 2 and hasn't lost luster, i think its gotten better from season 2.

Not sure about your logic though. Much is left unknown about zombie "life". It appears from Walking Dead they may seek shelter and obviously find nourishment in eating people and other animals. Documentaries such as Zombieland do give some basic ideas or rules to staying alive. I think Cardio would be important for sure. Especially if you are to encounter the Zombie species from 28 days later. Double tapping proves useful in both Zombieland as well as Shaun of the Dead. Since there is no proof given that Zombies can swim or fly my plan is to find a nice boat and/or island to call home and wait for the Avengers or Batman to clean up the Zombie threat.
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