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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
On the one recent occasion where things have been so bad I didn't leave any tip, I was annoyed that I even went to the restaurant that morning. I didn't feel I owed that b**** a thing and leaving without calling her a worthless piece of trash was my good deed for the day.

It's not our job to help them grow and make sure they understand their mistakes. It's not like we're correcting a programming language or something. Take order to cooks, bring food back. Refill drinks when you can see the cups are almost empty. If they can't figure that out, F them.
I guess it comes down to the golden rule in my book. Treat people like you want to be treated. If I get poor service I tell the server why their tip is terrible, and 99% of the time they understand. I tip well because I remember what it felt like to get a great tip, and to me adding another 5% is fairly meaningless to me, but can make someone's day.

It's not your job to help anyone grow, but I've appreciated when random people have helped me grow and understand my mistakes and I go out of my way to do the same for others. It's the #1 reason I am where I am today. I've made more great business connections through restaurants/bars that I frequent than just about anywhere else.

Discounting anyone (F them), imo, is a bad practice that leads nowhere.
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