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Originally Posted by Rock Chalk View Post
I was a waiter once upon a time.

And even as a former waiter Im not giving 18% I dont give a **** how good their service is.

You get no tip at all for bad service. Your job as a waiter isn't ****ing hard, if you cant give me average service Im not giving you one ****ing cent.

For average service, you get an average tip 7%. I will not tip ANYONE over 15% of my bill and thats 15% of my pre-tax bill.

A good waiter giving good service at a moderately priced restaurant can handle about 20 tables a night at approximately $100 per table. Giving good service to every one of them is 10 bucks on average (because some people are ****ty tippers and some people are over-tippers because they have small penises and some tables will get good service and some tables wont) per table or 200 bucks a night. These aren't generally people supporting a family, this is generally just out of HS, or college age students or losers that are going no where anyway.

200 bucks a night is a pretty good living for the demographic of waiters.

I love this guy...
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