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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
It always amazes me when people take great pride in being cheap.

Let me ask you this: when you receive poor service and leave no tip, do you have the guts and decency to explain to the server why you don't feel they deserve a tip, or do you wait until they're back is turned and skulk out the door before they realize you left them nothing?
On the one recent occasion where things have been so bad I didn't leave any tip, I was annoyed that I even went to the restaurant that morning. I didn't feel I owed that b**** a thing and leaving without calling her a worthless piece of trash was my good deed for the day.

It's not our job to help them grow and make sure they understand their mistakes. It's not like we're correcting a programming language or something. Take order to cooks, bring food back. Refill drinks when you can see the cups are almost empty. If they can't figure that out, F them.
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