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The Defense

Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
It always amazes me when people take great pride in being cheap.

Let me ask you this: when you receive poor service and leave no tip, do you have the guts and decency to explain to the server why you don't feel they deserve a tip, or do you wait until they're back is turned and skulk out the door before they realize you left them nothing?
I remember one time way back in the day, I got some really piss poor service. Can't remember the restaurants name, but it was so bad I left the waitress just a penny for a tip. Some months later we went back and sure enough, she was our waitress again, well she earned herself a much better tip that time.

But to answer your question, if they want to know why they didn't 'EARN' a tip, then they are more than welcome to come and ask.
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