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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
lol, ok whatever. You are not following his criteria. I'll give you one example, in the OP Kirwan states the regular season record of the teams, not how far they went in the playoffs. So off the OP the Broncos are #1 because they have the most regular season wins.

But whatever. Like I said, it's a subjective ranking system based on his opinion. I'm taking facts and inserting them into the equation. Fact, Manning and Brady are HoF QBs. Fact, Wilson and Colin K. are 1 year starters.
It's irrelevant. If you go by the regular season rankings (which he does), that only moves the Broncos up 2 points. They'd still be in 5th place according to his criteria.

As for the QBs, yes, no one knows how he ranked them. Manning would be ranked at least 3rd, probably 2nd. That would push the Broncos up a few more points but not enough to get out of 5th place according to his criteria.

It is what it is.
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