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Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
I don't think that 18% is the standard, but I also don't mind keeping those happy who serve me food and drink. I tip 20% unless the service was bad. If it's exceptionally bad, I go down to 10%.

18% is the standard auto-grat for large parties though.
Like you I tip 20% for good service. Sometimes more. If the service is average I'll go 15%, but if the service is bad I go 10% or even less ( really bad). Good waiters and waitresses know that service equals money and should show it. I do tend to tip higher percentages in lower tier restaurants, as the staff there don't get huge tabs for their diners.

A tip is a GRATUITY. It is a bonus for good service, not a mandatory fee. Restaurants are now required to pay at least servers minimum wage to the servers, and good restaurants pay a bit more. So, tips are not the only income waiters and waitresses make, which was true years ago. While large parties usually have a mandatory 18% added to the bill, that also means you can b**** to the manager if the service is not good, and I have done so in the past. BAD service does not justify 18%, especially when you are dropping $500 to 1K on a meal.

Those servers that think 18% is a minimum should not be working in the restaurant business.
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