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If your not part of the solution your part of the problem.

Goodell is trying to hose with the integrity of the game, why not find a way to keep the integrity while spreading out the impact the players get over more time which allows their bodies to heal?

Fans get more football, I would rather watch backups play 8 games than watch the Probowl, preseason, or NASCAR. Hell I would rather watch backups over basketball.

NFL makes more money, more players see the field and get a chance to have a career.

Sure there are bad teams, every year your going to have a kFc, Oakland, Detroit, Miami where a team struggles to win a game or 2. There already is bad football being played, I think if you get more guys on the field maybe the players like Timmy who don't practice well would see the field out of necessity and contribute.

It was just an idea I had in the shower that I have been thinking over.

What's your idea? Keep doing nothing because change is too hard?
There is no problem. That's my point. Football is a dangerous sport where people get seriously hurt. Trying to make it safe is like trying to make water dry. It's pointless and idiotic.
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