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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I thought about the "snap count" but I think pulling players out of games would kill momentum with in games. Plus there would be a lot of guys dressed.

I know playing depth players would also have the potential to kill win streaks but I think it would average out. Plus you might see a decline in trap games as the depth players are fresh and trying hard to win jobs and move up through to a "1st Team" or Playoff start job.

I think that making players sit inactive for a week would give them more time to recover.
Yah, I think the logistics would be hard. You'd not only have to monitor your own players snap count, you'd have to monitor every other team's player's snap counts too, just to make sure the other team ain't cheat'n. At the very least you'd have to have a whole NFL department just to monitor the snap counts of each player. It's doable but how difficult would it be to monitor. And when a team does break the rules, perhaps out of ignorance (Manning gets a few more snaps because someone on the Broncos staff wasn't counting correctly) how do you handle this situation?
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