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Originally Posted by Blart View Post
The facebook people cheering this guy on are idiots.

The myth is somewhat attractive - angry cop gets revenge against a corrupt & racist police force.

But the reality is something else entirely. He's not killing the racist, corrupt cops that have a stranglehold on the LAPD, he's killing their daughters and random policemen he doesn't know.

It's easy to point out idiots on the right (just say the word, "science") but the left has its share of morons too: 9/11 truthers, anti-gun zealots mistaking video-game weapons for real ones, and now we have a murderous cop's fans.

That said, the right-wing echochamber is totally overhyping this guy's "support" among the left. Does it make sense for a bunch of anti-gun peacenicks to support a serial killer? No, because they don't. Not one source I read or listen to has cheered this idiot on. His support is limited to a handful of facebook and twitter users, which if you're Rush Limbaugh, is the "liberal media".

Also, the entire idea of Christopher Dorner as a "leftist" himself can be thrown out the window.

- Chritopher Dorner

- Chritopher Dorner

His fans should be associated with action-movie worshiping sociopaths, rather than a political ideology - as he had none.
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